Andrea M.

My husband discovered Tutor-Me a couple of months after school started last year in 2013, which was perfect timing as we had just learned that our 6 year old daughter, who was in 2nd grade, was not meeting the State standard scores set for 2nd grade level in Math and Reading. We immediately made arrangements for her to start receiving tutoring along with SAT (Student Assistance Team) meetings with the school to ensure we were all on the same page in having our daughter succeed. Two weeks into tutoring, I started to notice our daughter’s reading abilities and interest in math had unbelievably increased. She was feeling more confident in herself when she read and the amount of interest she was putting forth in math skyrocketed.

To make a long fantastic story short, since the start of our journey with Tutor-Me we met with the SAT every 6 weeks and we had smiles and a feeling of reassurance each time we came out of our meetings, as our daughter was making good progress. At our last meeting at the end of the school year, which was just two weeks ago, it was reported to us that our daughter was very close to being proficient in Math and Reading at her grade level. We are very proud of our daughter as she is the one who made it happen with all the additional help she received in such a loving and caring environment at Tutor-Me.

And that’s not all! Get this, mid-year our 11 year old daughter who is in 6th grade Advanced Math decided on her own to try Tutor-Me as she was also noticing the advancement in her sister.  She wanted to see what would happen to her. To her and our surprise she became even more confident than she already was in solving math problems as she was learning to recognize other ways of doing math. She was also struggling in Language Arts with Bell Ringer quizzes and had failed a couple but at the end of the school year she was making 100%.Today both our daughters are so much more advanced in many ways. We are blessed to come across such a devoted and caring person with Ms. Sandra and her team, and I strongly believe that has so much to do with the success our daughters continually experience.