Student Work Showcase

Our students are all very talented. Here is a collection of some awesome work done by our students.

Fine Dining for the Modern Age

On a cold summer night
a mother stood in a kitchen bright.
The pans went clang while the timer rang,
dinner was on time.

A car door slammed, a key turned in the lock.
The children came in late at 7 o’clock.
“Go wash your hands,” she began to demand,
but her face carried a smile sublime.

Delicious smells filled the air
as the mother dished each child their share.
They were ready to chow, to eat a whole cow,
but suddenly a phone began to chime.

The devices came out, phones all around.
The budding conversation immediately drowned.
Beep went the phones, boop went the phones,
and the volume began to climb.

Eminem distracted from mom’s spaghetti.
To get their attention she thought she had to throw confetti.
She couldn’t connect, the relationship was wrecked.
As she began to cry, she thought “Phones at dinner should be a crime.”

-by Brik Albach