Student Testimonials

I’ve gone through 12 tutors. Out of all of them, one of my TOP TOP choices is the astoundingly amazing Ms. Sandra!!! Without her care and support, me and my sisters would have failed school. She especially helped me tackle tough classes like PreCalculus and Chemistry. Plus, she also helps students with the ACT and SAT.

– Peter N.

I have known Ms. Sandra, the coordinator of Tutor-Me, for many years now. She has helped me get past middle school and now, I’m getting ready to go to college! I couldn’t do it without her and her constant motivation for me to do better! That being said, Tutor-Me is an excellent place for students to either improve their grades, or just want to find a place to study. The tutors there are excellent in what they do and will take their time in helping your child improve in school. I highly recommend anyone who needs help with school and their ACT/SAT to come here. Their rates are low and it will be one of the best tutoring experiences you will encounter here in New Mexico!

– Johnny N.

I went to Tutor Me about 2 weeks before my ACT asking Mrs. Sandra to help me raise my score 3 points, something I thought was an impossible task. After meeting with her, she told me I was brilliant and that I COULD do it. We hit the books hardcore until all I was doing was eating and breathing ACT questions and formulas. I worked hard, but I also had so much fun with her and the friends that I made there. In the end, I got the score I wanted as well as the ability to apply to the highest scholarship at UNM and Texas Tech. Mrs. Sandra was pivotal in helping me achieve this goal. Her dedication, encouragement, and amazing character has touched me. I greatly recommend her.

​- Tammy H.​

Came here for ACT prep and the help I got from Mrs. Sandra (the owner) was amazing. She helped me raise my score 7 points! She is such an amazing and wonderful woman and great teacher!

– Ariana Y.

Sandra is outstanding! She is very personal and helps you with what ever you need academically. She helped to raise my ACT score four points! She is excellent.

– Jana P.

Ms. Sandra is amazing! I went to get help in raising my act score for college and in just four weeks I was able to raise my score from a 24 to a 28!

– Emily S.

I loved being here. Ms. Sandra helped me feel prepared to the best of my ability for all of my standardized tests. I spent every minute at Tutor-Me learning. If I wasn’t studying for my ACT, I would be having educational conversations with Ms. Sandra about current politics, world history, or many other things. With Ms. Sandra, I didn’t just get a teacher, I got a mentor and a friend. I would definitely recommend coming here for tutoring help.

– Angela Z.

I went to Tutor Me for help on raising my SAT score and was able to raise it over 200 points thanks to Mrs. Sandra! She was an amazing instructor and was able to help me academically achieve my goal for the SAT within just 5 weeks.

– Brittney S.