Parent Testimonials

We are the parents of a student-athlete. The time and travel involved in athletics affected our son’s grades, particularly in Chemistry. Through the personal instruction provided by Sandra, his Chemistry grade increased two letter grades and interestingly enough, the grades in his other subjects also rose. We highly recommend Sandra and the instruction provided by Tutor-Me. Thank you for helping Jason with his chemistry this past semester and for encouraging him to fulfill his potential.

-Brian K.

My son started with Sandra during the 2015 school year. His handwriting was very poor compared to his classmates and his reading skills needed fine tuning. By the end of the first few weeks, we saw a noticeable change and so did his teacher. His progress continued throughout the year. When he attended The Academy summer program, his literature teacher saw a huge change from the previous year and complimented him on his hard work – we were thrilled. My son loves going to see Sandra after school and looks forward to working hard for her. They’ve also started exploring math concepts and he is very proud to be working above his grade level. We love Sondra and look forward to enrolling our son each year, if he continues through grade 12, I know he will be on a trajectory towards great things. Thank you Sandra, we love what you do.

– Sarah W.

My son began working with the tutors at Tutor-Me when he was a middle school student. I was looking for a tutoring center that took a holistic approach, focusing on the needs of the individual student. I found this at Tutor-Me. Initially, I only sought help for math, and for the first time, my son began to excel at math. Not only did his math grade improve, but his attitude towards school changed. I saw an improvement in all of his grades. Tutor-Me offers an environment that will support a student in all academic areas. My son began high school this past year and continues to do well in school because of the strong foundation that was built at Tutor-Me.

– Natasha H.

Every once and a while one encounters real genius. Sandra Akkad is clearly a genius at inspiring and educating children to realize and achieve their true capacities as students. She achieves results so quickly that it inspires children to work harder and set academic goals that they didn’t even dream of reaching. The subject courses, i.e. Mathematics, English, History, Science, etc., are quickly mastered as the student attitude is adjusted towards achievement and love of learning. My two girls, ages 11 & 17, have been blessed by their association with Tutor-Me as have we as parents to have met someone so exceptional.

– Fred G.

As a former teacher, as soon as I entered Tutor-Me I was instantly welcomed by an atmosphere of creative learning with positive energy emanating from both students and teachers. After a major brain operation, my daughter was having difficulty focusing, drastically affecting her grades at school. After talking to the Director, Sandra Akkad, I realized that I was blessed to have found Tutor-Me for my daughter. Sandra worked with her on a one on one basis resulting in a complete turn around within 30 days as demonstrated by her grades lifting from a low C to A level in all subjects. I am indebted to Sandra and very grateful.

Al entrar a Tutor-Me, lo primero que sentí y percibí fue una familia en comunidad, buena energía, mucha creatividad, y mucho entusiasmo enaprender. Después que mi hija tuvo una seria operación al cerebro, tenia mucha dificultad en concentración. La puse en manos de la directora, Sandra Akkad, y los resultados fueron sorprendentes. Como madre y ex profesora, recomiendo con mucho garantía este centro comunitario que viene hacer también como un secundo hogar.

– Victoria G.

Tutor-Me has a friendly environment that allows kids to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. The connection between student and tutor is close, encouraging students to open up to their tutors. Tutor-Me is dedicated to assisting students by working with them one on one, and helps each one improve in whichever subject they need. The Tutor-Me staff not only aids with academic subjects, but also develops a supportive relationship with the student which makes the experience more beneficial, so that the students are able to focus and do better. The Tutor-Me experience has been nothing but positive, and I find that as my children’s grades improve, their relationship with the staff at Tutor-Me becomes lifelong.

– Angela N.

My husband discovered Tutor-Me a couple of months after school started last year in 2013, which was perfect timing as we had just learned that our 6 year old daughter, who was in 2nd grade, was not meeting the State standard scores set for 2nd grade level in Math and Reading. We immediately made arrangements for her to start receiving tutoring along with SAT (Student Assistance Team) meetings with the school to ensure we were all on the same page in having our daughter succeed. Two weeks into tutoring, I started to notice our daughter’s reading abilities and interest in math had unbelievably increased. She was feeling more confident in herself when she read and the amount of interest she was putting forth in math skyrocketed.

To make a long fantastic story short, since the start of our journey with Tutor-Me we met with the SAT every 6 weeks and we had smiles and a feeling of reassurance each time we came out of our meetings, as our daughter was making good progress. At our last meeting at the end of the school year, which was just two weeks ago, it was reported to us that our daughter was very close to being proficient in Math and Reading at her grade level. We are very proud of our daughter as she is the one who made it happen with all the additional help she received in such a loving and caring environment at Tutor-Me.

And that’s not all! Get this, mid-year our 11 year old daughter who is in 6th grade Advanced Math decided on her own to try Tutor-Me as she was also noticing the advancement in her sister. She wanted to see what would happen to her. To her and our surprise she became even more confident than she already was in solving math problems as she was learning to recognize other ways of doing math. She was also struggling in Language Arts with Bell Ringer quizzes and had failed a couple but at the end of the school year she was making 100%.Today both our daughters are so much more advanced in many ways. We are blessed to come across such a devoted and caring person with Ms. Sandra and her team, and I strongly believe that has so much to do with the success our daughters continually experience.’

– Andrea M.

Sandra and her staff at Tutor-Me have been great mentors for my daughter. The positive atmosphere has increased my daughter’s love for learning. She now feels secure in who she is and sets high goals for herself. My daughter now believes that anything is possible as long as you have the desire and drive to work hard.

– Erica A.

I want to express my gratitude to the staff at Tutor-Me for the encouragement and the skills they have given my granddaughter. She has reacquired her love of learning and has the confidence that she can be successful in applying for the Honor Roll in the fall. She is excited that she is taking Honors Geometry, Chemistry, Spanish II, World History, and Honors English because she knows the Tutor-Me staff will be there to give her support if she needs it.

– L.A.

Sandra has helped my daughter tremendously, not only with her math skills, but with her confidence in her capacity to learn. My daughter really enjoys tutoring and asks to remain the full three hours each time. Sandra has done an amazing job cultivating her joy and pride in learning.

– Christina L.​​