Tutor-Me is a place that meets students’ academic needs while encouraging them to challenge themselves and achieve their highest potential. Our learning center provides a safe, positive environment where students feel welcomed, with instructors who are friendly and non-intimidating. Since its creation, Tutor-Me has created a large community of high-achieving students, parents, and teachers.

Our Mission Statement

We create a human connection to help our students reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.

Tutor-Me is best described by our mission statement: “We create a human connection to help students reach their full potential in and out of the classroom.” Tutor-Me is not just a place for enriching students’ education, but also enhancing values such as time-management and work ethic. Through this journey that the students and mentors take, the students will also build confidence and passion in their own lives.

Sandra Akkad

Sandra Akkad is a long-time educator in Albuquerque. She is heavily invested in motivating, empowering, and engaging students of all ages. Her work started with her own children at their school, but she soon moved on to create Tutor-Me in February 2010 in order to bring her innovative methods to a wider community. She teaches students of all ages including at the college-level, through her class in Peace Studies at the University of New Mexico. Sandra has a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.A. in Education from UNM.