Tutor-Me is a tutoring service devoted to ensuring students have all the resources they need to succeed. We work hand in hand with you and your student to bridge the gaps between students, teachers, and homework. With our help, your student will meet and exceed expectations.

During the school year, Tutor-Me offers after school and weekend programs. In the summer, Tutor-Me encourages knowledge retention, further learning, and lots of fun with our summer programs.



  • Our initial focus is on solidifying and reinforcing skills learned in the classroom through homework completion with individual and group work.
    • After assessing students’ abilities, we create an individual portfolio for each student to track progress and measure growth and achievement, inspiring students to take pride in their work and meet their full potential.
    • The Tutor-Me approach encourages student independence and confidence while building and reinforcing students’ self-esteem.
  • Using supportive and creative methods, we consistently challenge our students to exceed expectations and gain a higher level of learning.
  • When necessary, our team communicates with students’ teachers at school to bridge gaps in understanding and encourage student success.
  • We have specialized programs to get students comfortable with standardized testing and help them excel on tests such as the PSAT, ACT, SAT, and Common Core testing.
  • Our instructors can coach students through online homeschooling and supplementary programs, as well as proctor online and homeschool exams.
  • We also offer special programs, including Science Fair and Math Counts help, to enrich students’ extracurricular learning experience.


Welcome back to school! Start the school year right with a free assessment from Tutor-Me. The best way to get good grades is to start early. Come in for a free trial today!

Tutor-Me has a friendly environment that allows kids to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. The connection between student and tutor is close, encouraging students to open up to their tutors. Tutor-Me is dedicated to assisting students by working with them one on one, and helps each one improve in whichever subject they need. The Tutor-Me staff not only aids with academic subjects, but also develops a supportive relationship with the student which makes the experience more beneficial, so that the students are able to focus and do better. The Tutor-Me experience has been nothing but positive, and I find that as my children’s grades improve, their relationship with the staff at Tutor-Me becomes lifelong.

Angela N.

I have known Ms. Sandra, the coordinator of Tutor-Me, for many years now. She has helped me get past middle school and now, I’m getting ready to go to college! I couldn’t do it without her and her constant motivation for me to do better! That being said, Tutor-Me is an excellent place for students to either improve their grades, or just want to find a place to study. The tutors there are excellent in what they do and will take their time in helping your child improve in school. I highly recommend anyone who needs help with school and their ACT/SAT to come here. Their rates are low and it will be one of the best tutoring experiences you will encounter here in New Mexico!

Johnny N.