Tutor-Me is a tutoring service devoted to ensuring students have all the resources they need to succeed. We work hand in hand with you and your student to bridge the gaps between students, teachers, and homework. With our help, your student will meet and exceed expectations.

During the school year, Tutor-Me offers after school and weekend programs. In the summer, Tutor-Me encourages knowledge retention, further learning, and lots of fun with our summer programs.



  • Our initial focus is on solidifying and reinforcing skills learned in the classroom through homework completion with individual and group work.
    • After assessing students’ abilities, we create an individual portfolio for each student to track progress and measure growth and achievement, inspiring students to take pride in their work and meet their full potential.
    • The Tutor-Me approach encourages student independence and confidence while building and reinforcing students’ self-esteem.
  • Using supportive and creative methods, we consistently challenge our students to exceed expectations and gain a higher level of learning.
  • When necessary, our team communicates with students’ teachers at school to bridge gaps in understanding and encourage student success.
  • We have specialized programs to get students comfortable with standardized testing and help them excel on tests such as the PSAT, ACT, SAT, and Common Core testing.
  • Our instructors can coach students through online homeschooling and supplementary programs, as well as proctor online and homeschool exams.
  • We also offer special programs, including Science Fair and Math Counts help, to enrich students’ extracurricular learning experience.


Welcome back to school! Start the school year right with a free assessment from Tutor-Me. The best way to get good grades is to start early. Come in for a free trial today!

We are the parents of a student-athlete. The time and travel involved in athletics affected our son’s grades, particularly in Chemistry. Through the personal instruction provided by Sandra, his Chemistry grade increased two letter grades and interestingly enough, the grades in his other subjects also rose. We highly recommend Sandra and the instruction provided by Tutor-Me. Thank you for helping Jason with his chemistry this past semester and for encouraging him to fulfill his potential.

Brian K.

Sandra is an amazing tutor. She tutored both my son and daughter for various things over the last several years. Her enthusiasm, dedication, and humor seems to transfer well to her students. I attribute my son’s motivation to learn and his ability to stay of track to the time he has spent with Sandra — he’s a straight A student this year. My daughter’s ACT and SAT scores were both in the top 90th percentile, which has presented several scholarship opportunities. Sandra helps find those areas where the student needs a little help and fills the gap. I highly recommend Tutor – Me!!!!!

Brian A.